Coach Berrios

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COACH Eddie Berrios Jr.

Coach Eddie was born & raised in Philly. He began boxing at age 12 after school to stay busy and engaged in sports.
“I’ve had the blessing of being taught individually by 2 PA Hall of Fame boxing trainers who are still active today. I have also trained in some of the city’s most well known gyms that are rich with boxing history. I’ve had the pleasure of being in fight camp with active pro prospects and sparred with ex world title contenders on a regular basis. I’ve also been taught techniques and training methods from my trainers and the pros I worked with. I Always trained throughout those years but do not have many fights representative of that or a decorated amateur record. However, my hard work and dedication is well documented in the gyms I’ve trained in. Outside of boxing training I have a career working in child welfare as a paralegal in dependency law. I also have multiple years experience coaching youth basketball. I have a passion for teaching & working with youth to try and help them discover themselves and build strong character and be prepared for life inside and outside of the ring.

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An inspiring skill set

A 1985 study found that children in martial arts have an increased sense of responsibili-ty, and a higher sense of self-esteem.