Kickboxing Class

Kickboxing Class (Unlimited Class)

$109.00 a month

At AmeriKick North Penn Boxing & Kickboxing we can help you get in the best shape ever in our safe, fun, and non-intimidating environment. Our high-intensity interval training method increases your metabolism and helps you maximize your fat-loss while requiring the shortest amount of time possible from your busy schedule.

You can look and feel—fit, functional, and toned—with short bursts of intense cardio combined with bodyweight exercises and kickboxing drills. Our trainers combine martial arts techniques with cardio in a high-energy workout that is guaranteed to burn calories and fat. Fitness kickboxing is a non-contact class.

Sensei Sherry is the Director and Lead Instructor of our Kickboxing Program. As a USA Boxing Coach and Boxing Athlete, Sensei Sherry coaches each class with a focus on technique and authenticity to what she considers the “purest” of Sports.

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