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Coach Sherry is the founder of North Penn Boxing & Kickboxing. Having spent years in the Boxing Gyms, she fell in love with the grit and determination of boxing athletes. She is a Bronze Level USA Boxing Certified Coach. She is also certified in Nutrition and holds a Master’s Degree in Counseling. Sherry works with our athletes on Strength and Conditioning, Nutrition and Mindset. She also teaches all fitness kickboxing classes at the gym. She is currently a member of the USA Boxing Master’s Division and hopes to one day compete in the division.

Sherry is also a Martial Artist. Her Martial Arts training began in 1992 in the Korean Art of Hapkido Self- Defense. In 2002, she began studying the Amerikick Kenpo Karate System after her son began taking classes. She is a 3rd Degree Black Belt in the Amerikick Kenpo Karate System, and a Level 3 Certified Kickboxing Instructor. Sherry has also trained in Israeli Krav Maga and Muay Thai.

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A 1985 study found that children in martial arts have an increased sense of responsibili-ty, and a higher sense of self-esteem.